Our Philosophy

The world around us is unsettled. Many schools and the curriculum they use to educate students are changing in an attempt to fit into society’s ever-shifting perspectives. At Maranatha Christian Academy, we believe that having a strong biblical foundation is essential to teaching and learning. 

We endeavor to see and teach everything through the eyes of Jesus. This perspective allows us to base our educational standards on our Christian worldview, developing strong co-creators of tomorrow.

Maranatha also has an award-winning teacher training and development program, F.I.R.S.T. Every new teacher to Maranatha is enrolled in the F.I.R.S.T. professional development program for three years. This training emphasizes a Christian worldview and how to integrate a Biblical worldview into the curriculum for every subject.

Our foundation is anchored firmly in Jesus Christ, and our Christian worldview will not be compromised at Maranatha Christian Academy.

From the Head of School

Welcome to Maranatha!

Deb Larson Head of Maranatha Christian AcademyMaranatha Christian Academy is positioned to go well beyond the ordinary, identifying opportunities that explore possibilities and establish purpose in our students, staff, and parents. Our unwavering vision, relentless pursuit of improvement, and dedication to our mission serve as inspiration to continue to set and then re-set the bar in education.

In our fast-paced world, change is inevitable. At Maranatha, we adapt, or better yet, get out in front of change, resulting in a truly innovative school and, in turn, learning experience. We inspire students to be Spirit-driven leaders who are courageous change agents for kingdom building. Our Christian faith is at the core of Maranatha. We celebrate our Creator’s unique design of each student, seeking to personalize education so students can discover and develop their gifts.

I am honored that you value your children’s education enough to explore not only what is best but what is right. By experiencing our community of learning at Maranatha, your students will be prepared for life’s next chapter as they grow into courageous change agents, compassionate problem solvers, impactful innovators, critical thinkers, Spirit-driven leaders, and kingdom community builders.

I look forward to collaborating with you as we develop the co-creators of tomorrow.

Serving Him together,

Deb Larson
Head of School


Innovation… Not Just a Buzzword

There was a time when education was “comfortable.” Parents sent their kids on the bus in the morning and late afternoon they returned home smarter; at least that was the assumption. While other industries continued to be pushed to improve, many educational institutions, while making incremental improvements, were not challenging the norm.

Maranatha Christian Academy noticed a change was needed, especially within the private Christian education space. So, it went to work seeking out what was successful in other industries and cutting-edge schools. Then, methodically began to incorporate these concepts, integrating them with our strong Christian Worldview. 

Today, Maranatha is an innovative and counter-cultural Christian school, always looking for ways to improve teaching and learning. Industry-leading consultants continually work with teachers to incorporate innovation incubators. Using comprehensive design thinking cohorts, teachers learn changemaker processes of problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and more. Then, creatively release them into their classrooms. 

Here, success is not accidental. Raising impactful innovators, courageous change agents, critical thinkers, compassionate problem solvers, kingdom community builders, and Spirit-driven leaders takes continual introspection. Have we reached our final “educational destination”? Considering the ever-expanding opportunities that continually avail themselves to our students and staff, the answer is no. And we relish the challenge!