At Maranatha, our kindergarteners are gearing up for graduation! Our caring teachers intentionally map out their year to prepare these faith-filled scholars to thrive as they take the next step in their educational journey. The importance of this pivotal year cannot be overstated. We even celebrate with a cap and gown Kindergarten Graduation to prove it. 

A (B, C, D…) sign of the times

The Word of God is on display at MCA. Throughout the year, students are bathed in the Word through Bible class, chapels, and a hands-on application that includes learning a Bible verse and sign for every letter in the alphabet. The fruit… during Kindergarten Graduation, students recite these verses while signing the letter of the alphabet the verse represents.

Establishing a love for learning

The love for learning begins at a young age here at Maranatha. Students exceed expectations while learning math, science, reading, and writing during this formative year in their educational journey. With hands-on, innovative activities, students enjoy learning these foundational concepts.

To love is to do

Being a kingdom community builder and compassionate problem solver can sound overwhelming to some. Here, teachers lead by example, which our younger students recognize and begin to emulate. They also share creative ways for our students to show the love of God, such as encouraging Kindergarteners to write cards for Veteran’s Day and May Day for nursing home residents.

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