Live Performances and Productions

Live Performances and Productions

Throughout the day, guests have the opportunity to enjoy live music and theater performances. Please check the full schedule to find the times and locations. Below, you will be able to view the details of each production. Enjoy!

Lower School (PK-4) Performance | 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Location: Sanctuary

Welcome to the Lower School Performance featuring Prekindergarten through Grade 4. We pray you enjoy the many talents of our students. After the performance, guests will be dismissed to pick up their students in their classrooms and enjoy the rest of Experience Maranatha

Director: Mrs. Danielle Jars
Accompanist: Mr. Caleb Ballew

Chapel Band

Waymaker | Osinachi Okoro
Pride of a Father | Hillsong


Halleluia (Praise Ye The Lord) | Traditional 
Praise Him, All Ye Little Children | Traditional 


Holy, Holy, Holy | Reginald Herber 
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel | Traditional 

First Grade     

This Train is Bound for Glory | Traditional 
Los Pollitos Dicen | Spanish folk song 
The Goodness of Jesus | CityAlight 

Second Grade     

Father, I Adore You | Terrye Coelho  
Jungle Jam | Sharon Burch & Rosana Eckert 

Third Grade     

Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) | Joel Houston, Jonas Myrin 
Bonse Aba | arr. Victor C. Johnson   

Fourth Grade     

Hashivenu | arr. Greg Gilpin 
Blessed Assurance | Fanny Jane Crosby, arr. Chris Brown, et al 

Upper School (5-12) Choir Performance | 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Location: Sanctuary

The Upper School students' voices are warmed up and ready to entertain you at the Grade 5-12 Choir Performance. Sit back and enjoy the harmonies, melodies, and solos. After the performance, guests of Middle School students will connect with them in their designated sections. High School students will meet up with their guests in the LW Lobby. Enjoy the show.

Choir Director: Mrs. Danielle Jares 
Choir Director: Mrs. Ginger Clarke 
Orchestra Instructor: Ms. Kiana Welsch 
ASL Instructor: Mrs. Catelyn Maloney 
Accompanist: Mr. Caleb Ballew 

Chapel Band  

Revelation Song | Kari Jobe 
Praise | Brandon Lake, et al (featuring the 5th grade choir)

Fifth Grade Choir  

I Will Call Upon the Lord | Michael O’Shields 
Chatter With the Angels | Trad. arr. by Greg Gilpin  
Swing Down, Ezekiel | Greg Gilpin 

Sixth Grade Choir  

Over My Head, I Hear Music in the Air | Greg Gilpin 
Orinoco Flow | music by Enya, words by Roman Ryan 
Didn’t My Lord, Deliver Daniel | Trad. Spiritual arr. Greg Gilpin 


Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho | Spiritual 
Londonderry Aire (“Danny Boy”) | Traditional Irish Folk Song 
Marche Militaire | Franz Schubert 

Upper School Choirs  

Peace in Christ | Nick Day (featuring ASL 1)
This is the Day | Mark Hayes 
Behold Our God | arr. Joshua Spacht (featuring ASL 2)
I Will Arise and Go to Jesus | arr. Cathy Moklebust 
Take Me Out to the Ballgame | Linda Mckechnie 

Intro to Acting Production | 10:30-11:00 a.m.

Location: LW Kids on the West End 

The Crossroads and The Clearing (Selections) | by Jennifer Reif 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews  

Emma Greenwood 
Carson Moscoso 
Max Olson 
Noelle Reider 
Anna Winn 

Competitive Acting Production | 12:30-1:00 p.m.

Location: LW Kids on the West End

The Veil is Torn | by Paul Neil 

The Story of Rachel | by Donna Hinkle Lagerquist 

Woman at the Well Human Video 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews 

Bella Kurek 
Jordan Flowers Smith 
Victoria Otunuga 
Nadia Owens 

Blue Skies | by Irving Berlin 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews 

Jordan Flowers Smith 
Sadie Maes 
Anna Winn 

Middle School Acting Production | 1:10-1:40 p.m.

Location: LW Kids on the West End

The Velveteen Rabbit | by Jennifer Reif 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews 

Noah Abbey – Toy Soldier/Mugsy 
Kristen Barnard – Velveteen Rabbit 
Amiya Gray – Little Girl 
Graciela Maristany – Nana 
Skylar Sauer – Skin Horse 
Elise Schultz – Doll/Fairy 
Romeo Yang – Jack-In-the-Box/Bugsy 

Grade 6 Acting Production | 1:50-2:20 p.m.

Location: LW Kids on the West End

Little Red Riding Hood | by Jacob and Wilhem Grimm, Adapted by Janea Dahl 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews 

Grace Bjorklund – Narrator One 
Janora Dennis - Mother  
Max Gordon – Hunter 
Ariella Johnson – Narrator Two 
Charis Kaihoi– Grandmother 
Vinny Ladisa – Wolf Two  
Isabel Maristany – Little Red Riding Hood 
Andrei Sokolov – Wolf One 

The Fisherman and His Wife | by Jacob and Wilhem Grimm, Adapted by Janea Dahl 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews 

Zion Clemis – Flounder 
Anjolique Enno - Fisherman’s Wife  
Madelyn Knight – Narrator Two 
Brooks Richmann - Fisherman 
Petra Theodorakakos – Narrator One 

Dinner Lessons | by Debra A. Cole 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews 

Skyla BookerMcCants - Mom 
Eva Cox - Kaylee 
Jackson Clutter - Dad 
Sydney Howell - Bailey 
Lucy Huna – Mrs. Barnett 
Elsie WeisbrodTran – Maddie 

Middle School Science Project | by Terence Patrick Hughes 

Director: Mr. Wayne Matthews 

Noah Reider - Tonado 
Adilyn Greenwood – Dolly 
Latera Daka – Professor 
Julia Huisinga – Scientist 
Max Gordon – Zombie Hunter 
Brooklyn Grasley – Aurora 
Scarlett Campbell – Hope 
Janora Dennis – Student/Zombie 
Andrei Sokolov – Zombie 
Vincent Ladisa – Zombie President

Upper School (5-12) Band Performance | 2:00-3:10 p.m.

Location: Sanctuary

Band Director: Mr. Gerritt Van Otterloo

Jazz Band     

Modern Swing | Erik Sherburne 
Seven Mountains Mambo | Rick Hirsch 
Tank! | Y. Kanno, arr. P. Murtha  

Fifth Grade Band     

Union March | Mekel Rogers 
Hard Rock Blues | John Higgins 
Alpha Dog | Heather Hoefle 

Sixth Grade Band     

Beta Cat | Heather Hoefle 
Against the Clock | Jay Coles 
Awesome Sauce | Scott Watson 

Middle School Band     

At the Crossroads | Robert W. Smith 
Fantasy on March Slav | arr. David Bobrowitz 
Boogie in the Bandroom | Michael Swank 

High School Band     

Escape Route | Tod Stalter 
The Planets | G. Holst, arr. J. Vinson    
Back to the Future | A. Silvestri, arr. J. Vinson 
Hogan’s Heroes | J. Fielding, arr. J. Vinson