College at MCA

At Maranatha, we continually challenge the status quo and redefine the traditional college-preparatory education, giving our students more - more choices, more guidance, and ultimately more success in school and in life.

Earn an Associate of Arts Degree

Maranatha Christian Academy was the first school to partner with a local university and have professors come to our campus and teach so our students can, well, still be in high school. What does that mean? It means while earning 60 credits from Bethel University, Maranatha students can stay on our safe and secure campus, participate in clubs/sports, and attend high school events. 

This innovative idea of bringing the “U to you” is a game-changer. The majority of courses taken by our students in the Associate of Arts program are offered as a hy-flex teaching model that allows our students to be taught in person on our campus. 

When students complete this program, they will walk across the stage at commencement and not only receive their high school diploma, but also their degree from Bethel University. Now that’s some college-level thinking.

Program Benefits

Make no mistake about it, taking college-level classes in high school is challenging. At Maranatha, the Associate of Arts program provides unrivaled support and guidance during the time you are enrolled. Here are a few of the support systems designed to assist our students:

  • Students who enroll in MCA/Bethel University’s Associate of Arts Degree Program will be assigned to an advisory for routine academic support and grade checks.
  • Students remain on Maranatha’s campus and may take part in high school clubs, activities, sports, leadership positions, and special events while earning a college degree. 

College Credits

Other college credit options

At Maranatha, we believe that just because certain things are typically done one way, it doesn’t mean it is the only way to do it. We are constantly looking to do things better! This includes the type of classes you decide to take while in high school. If you choose, you can start earning college credits before graduating.

On-site PSEO partnership

At Maranatha, we believe in an innovative and collaborative culture. We have partnered with Bethel University to provide juniors and seniors the opportunity to take PSEO classes on our campus, taught by university professors. By bringing college classes to Maranatha, our students can experience college academics before stepping foot onto a college campus.

Online PSEO partnership

In addition to the innovative PSEO on-site courses, students can take PSEO classes through various colleges and universities. If students choose Bethel University PSEO Online courses, they are placed in sections that enroll other MCA students to provide collaboration opportunities. Students who choose to enroll in online PSEO courses will receive a class period built into their schedule for the online course.

Advanced Placement courses (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer sophomores, juniors, and seniors opportunities to earn college credit while in high school. Maranatha offers 11 on-site AP courses and 6 online AP courses.

AP courses feature a college-level curriculum and are monitored by the College Board to ensure the syllabi for the classes meet the high standards of college. In May, national exams are administered to AP students. The exams are then scored by specially trained college professors and high school AP instructors. Scores are represented by a number from 1 to 5, and most colleges accept a score of 3 or higher for credit and placement.