Frequently Asked Questions

Maranatha is an influential school of collaborators, innovators, and explorers grounded in Christian faith, empowering co-creators of tomorrow. Below is a list of some frequently asked questions.

When does the school year begin?

The 2021-2022 school year will begin on Monday, August 30, 2021, and will end on Friday, June 3, 2022.

  • New international students should arrive in Minnesota no later than August 19, 2021, approximately 10 days before the start of the school year. During this time, international students will acclimate to their host homes, adjust to the time change, attend a 3-day orientation and a get-acquainted outing, take placement tests for math and English, choose course schedules, prepare for classes, and attend back-to-school events.
  • Returning international students should arrive in Minnesota no later than August 22, approximately a week before the start of the school year. Returning international students still need a few days to adjust to the time zone, move back into their host homes, prepare for school, and attend back-to-school events.
What is the TOEFL score requirement?

A minimum TOEFL score of 70 is recommended.

Is there an ESL or ELL program?

International students are enrolled in ELL class to help with the cultural transition to an American high school and develop academic English and vocabulary proficiency. Language assistance is offered throughout the student’s time at MCA. The Director of International Student Academics is available for ongoing support, especially in essay writing and high-level reading comprehension, as well as to assist students in their preparation for postsecondary education.

Are college and/or advanced courses available?

At Maranatha, we offer several Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We also partner with local colleges to provide classes on-site, which allows our students to take university courses and earn college credit while remaining at Maranatha's campus. In addition, we work with universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, MIT to offer online courses.

Is academic counseling provided?

Maranatha's Academic Counseling program engages students early, so they can plan for a successful transition from high school to select universities across the country. During orientation, the Director of International Student Academics meets with students to map out a course for success based on each students' goals and needs. This plan is reviewed each semester to ensure the student is on track. The Dean of Academics and Career Counseling works with each student to prepare them for top-level universities and help them stay on task as they work toward their goals.

What housing arrangements are available?

Maranatha has experienced host families, most of which have students of their own who attend our school. Maranatha's administration personally visits each host family. Host families attend an orientation that sets expectations for their role in nurturing and assisting an international student in adjusting to American culture. Our families contribute to an international student's well-being and success, including personal guidance, transportation to and from school, and encouragement in academics and activities/socializing.

What colleges or universities do Maranatha graduates students attend?

Below is an example of the universities and colleges our recent international student graduates have been accepted for enrollment.

  • Northeastern University
  • Purdue University - West Lafayette
  • Rutgers University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of California - San Diego
  • University of California - Irvine
  • University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • University of Sidney
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Washington
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison

In addition to the above list, students graduating from Maranatha have been accepted at some of the nation's best universities:

  • Brown University
  • Carlson School of Management-University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth University
  • Duke University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Harvard University
  • Northwestern University - Evanston, Illinois
  • Pepperdine University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic University
  • And more...
Can international students participate in athletic programs?

International students are allowed to participate in junior varsity level or below athletic (according to the Minnesota State High School League policies). Students are also able to participate in clubs and activities such as Robotics, Strategy Games, Adventures Club, Gaming Club, and many more options.

Is tuition assistance available?

Tuition levels for international students take into consideration many factors and may vary depending on the inclusions of the program. Please contact the school if you have questions or concerns. Questions can be directed to [email protected].