Tuition & Affordability

A Maranatha education is a long-term investment in your child's future. From Kindergarten through 12th grade graduation, your child will spend more than 15,000 hours in school. Teachers, coaches, and peers will play a role in shaping your child's values. These are the years that lay the foundation for your child's future. Partnering with a school that share's your family's Christian values is a worthwhile investment. 

To see Ryan succeed and be accepted to two colleges – that’s all MCA. For parents thinking of MCA, it is worth every penny you will invest in your child in this school. - Ryan and Sarah Briggs

Why MCA?

Maranatha partners with Christian parents to prepare their child(ren) for college, career, and life. A Maranatha graduate embodies the characteristics from our Culture in Action and is prepared to make a positive impact in whatever career path they choose. Our seniors achieve great things each year, such as.... 

37% of seniors have a GPA of 4.0 or greater
37% of seniors have a GPA of 4.0 or greater
Financial aid: 1.7M dollars offered to MCA families in 2022-23
Financial aid: 1.7M dollars offered to MCA families in 2022-23
83% of seniors graduate with honors
83% of seniors graduate with honors
$7.7M in college scholarships offered to the Class of 2022
$7.7M in college scholarships offered to the Class of 2022

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Financial Aid

Maranatha Christian Academy is committed to making Christian education accessible to Christian families with a wide range of financial circumstances. That's why we offer a need-based financial aid program that awarded $1.7 million in financial aid to MCA families in the 2022-23 school year. 

Need-based financial aid is awarded annually, and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed as funds may vary and a family’s finances may change. Families are required to submit applications annually. Many factors determine whether or not a family will qualify for need-based aid. Factors such as household income and expenses, assets and debt, and the number of children in a school that requires tuition are all considerations in determining financial aid awards.

Maranatha cannot meet 100% of the demonstrated need for each applicant, and, frequently, the number of qualified applicants exceeds our financial aid resources. Therefore, some families who apply and are qualified still may not receive financial aid. Financial aid is not available for Pre-K, Maranatha online, or International Students. 

How do I apply?

In order to receive financial aid, a family must first complete and submit the online Grant & Aid Application through FACTS ($40 fee to apply). The application includes uploading several supporting documents, including current W-2 forms and the most recent federal income tax returns. Families must apply for aid each year – no financial aid awards exceed one school year.

Note: Financial Aid is not available for Pre-K, Maranatha online students, or International Students. 

When do we apply for Financial Aid?

It is important to know that the admission process and the financial aid process run parallel. You must apply for admission and financial aid separately. Your financial aid information is processed as you take the necessary steps for completing admission. Please note that it can take up to two weeks before your financial profile is sent to the Maranatha Business Office from FACTS.

How are Financial Aid Awards Decided?

Two weeks after submission of your FACTS Grant & Aid Application, FACTS reports to the Maranatha Business Office the amount of tuition that the applying family can afford to pay. The Financial Aid Committee will then decide the financial aid award.

Tuition for 2024-2025 School Year

Maranatha’s tuition is designed to give as many students as possible the chance to experience our caring community, dedicated teachers, and innovative curriculum all on a Christian campus. At the same time, we aspire to maintain small class sizes to enhance each student’s educational experience and relationships with peers and faculty. Since Maranatha’s tuition provides all of this, our hope is it will not hinder admittance; therefore, we work closely with applicants and returning families to enable attendance at Maranatha.

Grade LevelAnnual Tuition12-Monthly Payments*
PreK 3-day Option$8,943$745.25*
PreK 5-day Option$13,757$1,146.42*
Lower School 
(Grades k-4)
Middle School 
(Grades 5-8)
High School 
(Grades 9-12)

*Based on a 12-month payment plan cycle from June - May. 


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