Get Involved

It is often said that Maranatha feels like family. While this may sound cliché, the truth is we have a wonderfully engaging community where people find connections easily. We look forward to partnering with and meeting you.

All of Us Doing Our Part

It's a powerful thing when a community comes together under the banner of a common cause. For Maranatha, our why is to see a redeemed generation of creators, innovators and servant leaders. This is why we teach, why we coach, why we stay late to answer emails, and why you support the school.

Perhaps you have talents, professional skills, or simply time - either way, we would love to see you volunteer in some capacity at Maranatha! This is done by attending Maranatha Mornings events held the last Wednesday of the month during the school year cheering on our teams on the court or field, attending a play, volunteering at our Meals for Minneapolis outreach and fundraiser, being a part of our Annual Gala, or simply volunteering at the school. 

Interested in Volunteering?

If you have an interest in volunteering, please follow the steps below. New this year! Maranatha is implementing a volunteer management system from Bloomerang/InItLive. The site has many great features, including an easy-to-use app. There are a few basics to go through to get started. 

  1. Everyone will need to "register/sign up for the organization" by clicking here.
  2. With safety as a top priority, we will make sure everyone registered has a completed background check. 
  3. Once we have a background check on file, participants will be invited to
    1. Download the app
    2. Fill out their personal profile 
    3. Find events where they can volunteer (please note, new events will be added throughout the year)

Register/Sign Up for the Organization

If you have questions, please reach out to the school by sending an email to [email protected]. One of our staff will be sure to connect with you. We look forward to meeting you.