At Maranatha, we believe in teaching with a Christian World-do not just a Christian Worldview. What does that look like to our students? It means at the core of our culture in action… is action. Our teachers are passionate about developing a Christ-like, servant-leader mindset in their students. One way this is walked out is through our various outreaches.

Starting in pre-kindergarten when students raise money to buy a goat for a village, to blessing less-fortunate people in the hospital with homemade blankets, to flying to Mexico and serving the people of Zacatecas on our missions trip. The learning, serving, and loving is woven into the fabric of the school. As a matter of fact, every grade in the lower school takes on an outreach project each year. While the upper school students donate their time through service hours, and multiple outreach initiatives. 

What is the Mexico Missions Trip All About?

Maranatha Christian Academy began sending groups of students to Zacatecas, Mexico in the Spring of 2001 and has taken close to thirty teams, sometimes going twice a year. Trip leader Anissa Clutter grew up in Zacatecas and her mother and sister and brother-in-law still live there full time, running the orphanage, a school, and a church.

While in Zacatecas, students work and interact extensively with the children at the orphanage, known affectionately as the Casa Kids, as well as the youth at the church, La Roca Eterna. Maranatha students and chaperones alike also partner with the church by participating in work projects and outreaches in the city, always accompanied by a native Spanish speaker. The goal of these trips is first and foremost to further the Kingdom of God. Through outreaches, work projects, and interaction with the Casa Kids and other missionaries in the field, MCA students take an active role in truly being the hands and feet of God. This trip safely exposes our students to things they would otherwise potentially not see and gently pushes them beyond their comfort zone, all for the glory of God.

What to Expect:

How much does the trip cost & what does it include?

Typically, the trip is around $2400, varying year to year based on flights, transport, lodging, etc. The cost of the trip includes food, travel/transportation, lodging, outreaches in the city, and work projects.

When does the trip occur?

The trip takes place over Maranatha's Spring Break.

Where in Mexico does the trip go?

We go to Zacatecas, Mexico, which is in the middle of the country in the mountains. Trip leader Anissa Clutter grew up there and her mother and sister still live there and run the orphanage, a school, and a church.

What grades can participate?

Grades 9-12 can participate in the trip.

Are parents allowed to chaperone?

Yes, we always need chaperones.

Do participants have to be able to speak Spanish to go on the trip?

Nope! Many people speak English and there will always be at least one native Spanish speaker with students.

Where to participants stay?

We stay at Hotel Baruk Teleferico, where there are 3-4 people in each room.

What do participants eat?

All meals are provided and the team will accommodate food allergies and insensitivities. Breakfast is eaten at the hotel. Lunch is eaten at the church and consists of things like pasta, chicken and rice, etc. Dinner is sometimes eaten out and sometimes at the church and is typically tacos/Mexican cuisine.

What should participants bring?

The weather is interesting; since we are in the mountains, it gets very warm during the day, but very cool at night. Be sure to pack lots of layers. Students should also bring work clothes (i.e. clothes they don’t mind getting paint or dirt on) as well as one church outfit. Other things to bring include a backpack, Bible, basic first aid, sunscreen, lotion, hand sanitizer, face masks, spending money, extra snacks, small toys, or items to give away or entertain children with.

How much spending money is needed for participants?

There are opportunities to purchase souvenirs and extra snacks. Depending on how many of these things you would want, most students bring anywhere from $30-$100. Spending money should be brought as cash, as we exchange for pesos in Mexico.

Are there fundraisers to help with the cost?

We encourage students to send support letters. We also have fundraising opportunities around Thanksgiving and again at Christmas helping to bag groceries at a local Byerly’s.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any further questions.