Dress Code

Our desire at Maranatha Christian Academy is to do everything in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and in a manner that will honor Him and uphold His testimony. While recognizing that true Christianity is a matter of the heart and not the outward appearance, it is nonetheless true that our appearance is important and can bring honor or dishonor to the Lord. Therefore, we base our dress code on the biblical standards of modesty (1 Timothy 2:9-10, Romans 12:1, 1 Peter 3:3-4) as we strive to create a respectful and non-distracting educational atmosphere where God is glorified. 

Standard Dress Code Requirements

We request that families partner with Maranatha to help nurture and develop a heart of honoring God in all ways, including our dress. The following are general appearance guidelines. Staff and administration reserve the right to determine if a student is within dress code standards. If a student’s dress is determined to be out of compliance, the student may be sent home and required to change.

Students must be in compliance with the Standard of Dress described below prior to entering the school and continue until the end of the school day for all school days unless the administration approves special dress or out of dress code days.

Modesty Requirements: 

Modesty is expected at all times at any school event or function, including any co/extra-curricular activities, as follows:

  • All clothing must be properly sized, modest, and unrevealing in cut, fit, and texture.
  • Clothing should completely cover undergarments and necessary parts of the body at all times, including while sitting, standing, and bending over.
  • Clothing and appearance should not draw undue attention.
  • No spaghetti strap tank tops, camisoles, shirts that reveal midriff or allow cleavage to show, or tops with lace, scallops, or ruffled edges.
  • No short shorts, mini-skirts, jumpers, dresses that are shorter than 4” from the knee or ill-fitting skirts or dresses.
General Grooming/Appearance


  • Visible tattoos are not allowed for students under 18 (this includes temporary tattoos).
  • In accordance with Minnesota state law, students 18 and older may have visible tattoos that must be tasteful and reflect Maranatha’s mission, values, and honor code. Tattoos that are in violation or that show blood, weaponry, or violence must be covered.


  • Pierced ears are permitted for girls of any age.
  • High school girls may wear a single, modest nose stud.
  • High school boys may wear a single, solid-colored stud in each ear. No spikes, hoops, or designs are permitted.
  • No other body piercings are allowed.


  • No unnaturally colored hair (e.g., blue, pink, purple, etc.) or extreme hairstyles.
  • Girls: no distracting hair accessories (e.g., animal ears, pom poms, etc.).
  • Boys: Hair must be neatly kept; hair accessories are not acceptable.
  • Boys: Neatly trimmed facial hair is allowed.


  • Girls in lower school are not permitted to wear make-up at school or on field trips. This includes tinted lip balm or lip balm with glitter.
  • Boys may not wear make-up.
  • No face paint is allowed.

Nail Polish:

  • Boys may not wear nail polish.
M-Th Dress Code Tops

Dress Code Approved Apparel (M-TH):

Tops must be solid in color, comply with the modesty guidelines, and can include:

  • MCA branded clothing, which can be found on the Dress Code tab of our Branding Warehouse website. Club, athletic, and apparel found under the Spirit Wear tab are restricted to Spirit Wear Fridays.
  • Non-MCA branded tops can be collared polos, dress shirts, sport coats*, blazers*, sweaters, cardigans*, and sweatshirts*. Non-MCA branded tops are limited to logos that are smaller than 2".

*Must have a dress-code approved top underneath according to modesty guidelines. Tops may not be altered, have spaghetti straps, show midriff or cleavage. 

M-Th Dress code Bottoms

Dress code Approved Styles (M-Th):

  • Pants/shorts/skirts/dresses: Solid Navy blue, black, Khaki/Tan, or Grey.
  • Solid-colored cotton, twill, chino, corduroy, cargo, or dress pants. No athletic, yoga, joggers, loungewear, sweatpant material of any kind may be worn. 
  • Denim material in approved colors above only (no blue jean denim M-Th).
  • Solid-colored full, A-line, straight, or pleated skirt, T-shirt dress, sweater dress, polo dress are allowed in approved colors above. Solid-colored biker shorts or leggings must be worn under for recess modesty. Biker shorts or leggings alone may not be worn.
Spirit Wear Fridays

Students are allowed (not required) to participate in Spirit Wear Fridays. If students choose not to participate, they are expected to be in M-Th Dress Code.

Acceptable MCA Spirit Wear tops: 

  • Any specific MCA club, activity, or athletic team tops (co-op sports included).
  • MCA top, with graphics, must be visible throughout the school day
  • Spirit wear must not be altered from the original design (ex., neckline, sleeves cut, or homemade). 
  • Students in the Bethel Associate of Arts degree program can wear unaltered Bethel wear on Spirit Wear Fridays. 

Acceptable bottoms for Spirit Wear Fridays:

  • Blue jeans (no holes or frayed edges)
  • Solid colored sweatpants or athletics pants
  • Shorts (must be 4" above the knee or longer)
  • No out-of-dress code pants without a visible MCA top
College Wear (Grades 5-12)

On the first Wednesday of each month, students in Grades 5-12 can wear college wear tops.

Guidelines include:

  • Students in the Associate of Arts degree program may wear Bethel spirit-wear tops on this first Wednesday of each month or Spirit Wear Fridays. 
  • Standard dress code bottoms must be worn on college wear days. 
  • Tops must be unaltered from the original purchased state.
Dress Code Restrictions


  • No tops with prints, patterns, neon, stripes, slogans, graphics, patches, embellishments.
  • Hoods may not be worn during the school day.
  • No athletic jerseys allowed to be worn during the school day.


  • No pajama pants, loungewear, athletic shorts/pants/warmups, joggers, yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, or biker shorts (unless worn under a skirt or dress).
  • No blue-jean denim on M-Th
  • No velvet, velour, or spandex fabrics
  • No clothing with tears, rips, holes, freys, or unsewn hemlines


  • No overcoats, windbreakers, or any other winter jackets are to be worn during the school day unless it is a MCA branded windbreaker.

Shoe Restrictions:

  • No HEELYs with the wheel still attached
  • No shoelace holes without laces in them
  • No heels or platforms over 2"
  • No slippers, athletic slides, crocs, or flip-flop sandals
  • No winter boots worn during the school day (Ugg style boots are acceptable)
  • PK - Grade 3: sneakers only for safety
  • No hats, caps, durags, wave caps, hair coverings, scarves, sunglasses, gloves, or athletic sleeves worn during the school day.
  • Ties (boys only), belts, and socks may be worn in any color and pattern (as long as not distracting or inappropriate).
  • Girls: no distracting hair accessories (e.g., animal ears, pom poms, etc.).
  • No face paint