Maranatha has a school nurse on site to help manage student health needs. All required records should be printed and emailed to the School Nurse, Bobbie Ehlen, or faxed to the school at 763-315-7294, Attention Health office. 

Physicals and Immunizations:

As part of MCA's continuous enrollment process, returning students entering Grades K, 7, 10, and 12 must provide an updated Health or Sports Physical and Immunization form.

Parents must fill out Non-Medical Exemption if certain vaccines are not chosen. This form explains the parent's responsibility if a disease outbreak exists for non-vaccinated students. The exemption form requires a parent's signature in the presence of a Notary. More information may be found on the MDH website: Immunization Program (2019). An immunization chart from the MN Department of Health outlining when immunizations are due at various ages and grade levels and the non-medical exemption form can be accessed here.

All updated Immunization forms should be turned in at the beginning of the new school year. 

Sports Physicals:

The Minnesota State High School League requires a new Sports Physical every three years. The form to be filled out by a physician can be accessed by clicking here.

Does your student need medications available at school?

  • There is an Authorization for Administration of Medication at School form. A new form is required each school year, signed by a parent and a health care provider. This requirement includes prescription medications and all over-the-counter medications. It can be accessed here.
  • Student Self-Administration of Rescue medication for Upper School only. This option allows students to carry their inhaler for Asthma if needed. All EpiPens should be kept in the health office in case of a severe allergic reaction. The form can be accessed here.
  • Students should not have any medications with them at school except an inhaler if needed. Medications may only be kept in the health office for them.

COVID Resources

Maranatha implemented the following policies during the COVID pandemic.